A Guide to Building Preference Centers in Marketing Cloud

Find out how you can leverage preference centers to ensure your subscribers get personalized content that matters to them. Increase your growth revenue by boosting your engagement with your audience. Download the guide to learn more.

We deliver (measurable) results in a range of industries

Success of our customers matter.

Customer service isn’t just a phrase we throw around. It is a pillar of our business approach. We are proactive, as well as responsive. We are nimble, smart and collaborative – and we see our relationships with customers as a partnership. And as being long-term. This is why our CSAT Score is high. The success of our customers matters to us.
“Bubblebox walked us through every step, explaining everything, answering our questions and making us feel like valued clients.”
- Emily Hencz-Thornton MCAP
“Professional and honest.”
- Kris Shobridge – CANACCORD Genuity
“I have learned so much from them about Salesforce's capabilities.”
- Joyce D’addio – College Avenue

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